CMF adopts AADL funding requirements and limits as our own, and, unless extraordinary circumstances require additional funding not covered by AADL, will only fund to AADL limits.

In order to ensure that all Applicants are provided with reasonable, mid-level products with consistent options, equipment should be one of the following or equivalent:

          Phonak Virto V50

          Phonak Belong B 50

          Bernafon JUNA

          Unitron 600 Class

          Oticon Siya 2

          Widex Dream 220

          Siemens Orion

          Starkey Z Series 130; Resound Enya 3

          Beltone Promise 6/First6

It is expected that vendors provide hearing aids to clients without additional cost to the clients.


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CMF will fund as follows:

• Up to $500.00 per hearing aid

• Up to $1 000.00 towards hearing assistive devices

• Up to $1 500.00 per hearing aid for applicants who are not eligible for any Cost-Share                          Exemption through AADL but who qualify within CMF funding guidelines.

• Reasonable costs for maintenance and repair and costs of batteries for hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids may be provided from time to time.

Applicants are eligible for funding through CMF every 5 years unless there are exceptional circumstances for which supporting documentation is provided and which will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Funding approval is solely at the discretion of CMF.

CMF reserves the right to audit any funding transaction.

CMF is a charitable organization and provides assistance with the funding for hearing aids, equipment and other hearing assistive devices, free of charge to the Applicants.  Neither CMF, nor its Trustees, endorse any products, manufacturers or suppliers.  CMF and its Trustees are not responsible for the correct manufacture, supply, use or operation of any hearing aid, equipment or other hearing assistive device or the failure of such.  CMF and its Trustees are not responsible for the misuse of any hearing aid, equipment or other hearing assistive device and any resulting damage therefrom.

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