Service Providers

At The Campbell McLaurin Foundation for Hearing Deficencies, our goal is to financially assist as many deaf or hard of hearing affected Southern Albertans as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to partner with local hearing clinics to extend our services to their clients.

Service Providers help us get much needed funding into the hands that need it.

Southern Albertans need our help

Today, more than 350,000 Albertans are living with hearing loss. That is a big number, and more than twice the number of Albertans who suffer from eyesight problems. That number might actually be a lot higher, since those suffering from hearing loss often under-report their condition.

Of the more than 350,000+ Albertans suffering from hearing loss, only one in six wears a hearing aid. Put another way, more than 83% of Albertans living with hearing loss have difficulty following a normal conversation because they do not use hearing aids.

How We Can Work Together

Many who are diagnosed as hard of hearing are not aware of our services and are often surprised at the high cost of hearing aids.

By becoming a Campbell McLaurin Service Provider, you can be instrumental in connecting those in need with much needed funding. We can work with you and the client to provide funding for hearing device recommendations with a maximum total cost for two aids of $4,300.

74% of applicants are referred to us by hearing clinics

We Work With Clinics That...

Are located in Southern Alberta
Diagnose clients with hearing loss
Provide clients with quotes for hearing aids or hearing devices

Become A Service Provider

Let’s work together to provide deaf and hard of hearing Southern Albertans the tools they need to live their lives. Together, we can help these individuals receive the hearing devices they need by eliminating some of the financial burdens.